Kasey Barnes Brand Champion Spotlight Award

Named after a true Champion herself, the Kasey Barnes Brand Champion Spotlight Award is an opportunity to celebrate and shine the spotlight on a remarkable Brand Champion that is an exceptional employee and person. They make a difference on our teams, at events, and to our Consumers and Clients by going the extra mile while embodying and aligning with our culture at BCM. The KBBCSA allows BCM as a company to go a step beyond acknowledgement to validate and show gratitude to an extraordinary BC or SBC by honoring and staying authentic to our core values and our motto,, “Our product is our people.”



Who is Kasey Barnes?

Kasey Barnes is a go getter! She is a goal setting, barrier destroying, record breaking, ceiling crashing ROCKSTAR! She sets her sights high and she flies right past them straight into the stars. She’s an avalanche of energy, a mountain of smiles, a sea of sass and spunk  and has a heart of gold. She is filled with  passion, determination, and grace. She is someone who takes the bull of life right by the horns…but quite literally; she gets up on the horse, takes it right by the reigns and wins medals, trophies, awards and championships in doing so. She is someone who achieves the very things she sets her mind to, no matter what odds are stacked up against her or whether the world tells her she is incapable.

Kasey is someone who lives her life to the absolute fullest. She is a person who chooses to focus on what she can do, she practices  positivity andoptimism. She is a champion in her own right, not only in life, but also at The Rodeo and Special Olympics. But she doesn’t stop there, she also volunteers her time  helping others and teaching them about horses and barrel racing. Kasey Barnes transcends obstacles in her life to achieve her dreams, succeed, and triumph.


True Champion

We would like to give recognition to the BC’s that: Make the difference on our teams, at events, and to our Consumers and Clients. They show up early with a huge smile on their face, are ready to crush the day, educate and inform our Consumers with every bit of their product knowledge and brand experience. They leave a lasting impression of who Brand Champion Marketing is. This person is awe inspiring to other BC’s, Market Managers, BCM Executives, Clients and Consumers. This person goes the extra mile not only at work, but how they approach life. They are passionate, proactive and driven. They are a unique, a role model and a leader. This person is a true Champion.