Kasey Barnes Brand Champion Spotlight Award Recipients

2019 KBBC Spotlight Award

2019 KBBC Spotlight Award

Chris Wilson - Houston, TX

1. What age range is your organization? 

“My organization consist of boys and girls that range from ages 4-12”

2. How do you feel about BCM? 

“I look at BCM as family. From the first time I met Cameron to every other person in lead positions i’ve met they welcomed me in not with handshakes but open arms, literally. When you come up how I did you appreciate people who appreciate you and don’t judge you.”

3. What do you like most about employment at BCM? 

“What is there not to like, LOL. I personally am a goal digger and every event we start we exceed goals by the end of that event. It feels satisfying to myself knowing that WE as a team satisfied our clients and had fun doing it.” 

4. Why did you start the Mo City Jaguars organization?

 “I have always vowed to be successful enough to be labeled as a philanthropist in my community and give not only kids but families, opportunity. God blessed me with a son who is actually good in football and that was my opportunity to start my philanthropic goals to help others.”

5. What are you most proud of since you started the Mo City Jaguars organization? 

“Im proud of bringing 100 plus kids together and not only teaching them football & cheer, but life lessons, the benefits of community service, charitable donations, and the smiles on their faces for rewarding them when they do good. And not to mention 3 out 4 levels making it to Super Bowl and my cheer leaders winning 2nd place” *winks eye

2018 KBBC Spotlight Award

2018 KBBC Spotlight Award

Victor Vargas - Orlando, FL

Born In San Juan, transferred during Senior year of HS for an improved education and to increase opportunities

Currently a Marketing major at UCF

Recently switched majors from Biology to Marketing after 10 months of working with BCM

BCM is the best company he’s ever worked for 

Loves the opportunities BCM has provided him during his employment